Stuart Flats Redevelopment - Griffith

The renewal of the Stuart Flats site in Griffith will provide a significant contribution to the revitalisation Manuka. Bisa Property have acquired a site at the former Stuart Flats Public Housing Complex and are excited to be planning the redevelopment of a high-quality multi-unit residential development. The completed development will regenerate the site whilst considering and contributing to the surrounds. The 3,695m2 site, known as Block 25 Section 39, is located on the corner of Evans Crescent and Light Street and faces the Light Street Park.

The site is positioned centrally within the inner south area and is within walking distance nearby business, retail, community and recreational facilities.



Ready for Renewal

Currently the site is barricaded and derelict, in its former use dating back to the 1950-60s it provided government public housing. Graffiti and debris is now scattered across the site with the existing buildings suffering from extensive vandalism. The site is in desperate need of revitalisation to improve the built environment and public safety of the area. Bisa Property is committed to commence the redevelopment as soon as possible to improve public safety.



Redevelopment Vision

The redevelopment of the former Stuart Flats by Bisa Property will provide an elegant and stylish home for those wishing to live in the highly sought-after suburb of Griffith.

The block is zoned RZ5 which allows for high-density residential use, is subject to planning controls under the the Griffith Precinct Map and Code. The Crown lease permits residential use for the scale of development proposed.

The Griffith Precinct Map and Code envisages buildings of up to 3 and 6 storeys on different areas of the site. This provides the opportunity to establish two buildings that have a coherent yet distinctive relationship that connect and are considerate of the surrounding built environment.



Site Planning

The Crown lease purpose clause includes multi-unit residential use of not more than 70 dwellings that Bisa Property propose to utilise comprising of one, two and three bedrooms units.

Apartments will be positioned to maximise view and natural sunlight penetration. The landscaping will contribute to the sense of well-being to those that live in the space and those that visit or pass-by. Consideration will be given to pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle movements to ensure that they are convenient and safe. Operational areas for waste removal will also be well considered to provide privacy to surrounding areas.



Community Benefits

  • The removal of the dilapidated public housing complex will improve the safety and visual amenity of the area.
  • New lighting and landscaping will be delivered within the redevelopment thereby improving safety for both the public and residents.
  • In addition, new planting and paving will be provided in the Light Street verge.
  • The existing footpath providing a pedestrian link between Light Street and Canberra Ave will be widened and new street lighting installed.
  • Trees will also be added to the western verge of Evans Crescent.
  • Neighboring proposals include provision of community services including a childcare and medical center.
  • The ACT Government will also be upgrading the Light Street park located directly opposite the subject site.


Source: ACT Government May 2019 – for Tender



Investment in Canberra

Bisa Property has been established in Canberra for over thirty years.

At Bisa our approach is not to design a building however rather consider the grouping of buildings, street scape, public spaces and the neighborhood of which they form part, with the goal of delivering a redevelopment that is of high-quality, aesthetic, functional and sustainable.

The buildings and improvements to the public street scape will create safer and better networks and connections to the surrounding residential, business, retail, community and recreational facilities.

The redevelopment will be an investment in Canberra’s urban environment. To delivery this Bisa Property is committed to working with local businesses and suppliers that have a similar passion for excellence.



Managing the Impact of Construction

Redevelopment of the site will comply with all ACT Government planning policies and regulations.

Demolition and construction phases will be undertaken in a manner that is conscious of surrounding properties. Procedures will be in place to minimise disturbance where possible.




Community Consultation

Bisa Property is committed to genuinely engage with the community to create a sense of contribution, ownership and pride in the investment of Canberra. The “Pre DA Community Consultation Guidelines for Prescribed Developments” will be followed to enable early engagement and feedback. This process will be completed prior to the lodgment of the Development Application.

Feedback, questions and ideas are welcomed during the public consultation process. This will commence June 2019 and will run through to August 2019. Your community input is invaluable to us, please assist by emailing us at or calling our office on 02 6262 5091.

Subject to development approval, construction is expected to commence in early 2020. To be completed by mid to late 2021.

Bisa Property held a public consultation session for local businesses and residents on the 3rd July 2019. Please click here to view the public consultation presentation documentation.

Redevelopment Information

Category: Multi-Unit Residential
Architect: Cox Architecture
Contractor: PBS Building
Apartments: 70
Address: Corner of Evans Crescent and Light Street
Completion: Mid 2022
Community Consultation Website:
Sales Agent: Independent Property Group




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